Ekehardt Rainalter

Dipl.-Ing., BSc.

Ekehardt Rainalter (born 1980 in Zams / Tyrol) is an architect and artist. He lives with his family in Innsbruck. As a musician, painter and performance artist, he works alone and in groups. Currently: monomono, Trauriges Tropenorchester, das Team, Nighthawk, Fuck You All. Ekehardt realized post-dramatic theater happenings between 2010 and 2020 and dance performances for various festivals and independent theaters (most recently Akhtamar2 – „der 2000-jährigen Oper zweiter Teil“ for the Heart-of-Noise-Festival 2019 in Innsbruck, BRUX). He has been working as an architect since 2015 in Erich Strolz's office.