Jorge Orozco

DrSc. MAS MAA Arch
Jorge is an architect, academic and software developer working at the intersection of design practices that speak of a digitally connected world and AI-powered search engines for architectural contexts. At Studio2, Jorge co-leads the design studio 0-MORE and develops its search engine search 0-MORE.

Jorge is also a senior lecturer and researcher at ETH Zurich’s chair for Digital Architectonics, where he co-leads the design studio METEORA, and develops the studio’s online search engines and databases: Panoramas of Cinema🍿Mark🖍Paradis🍅 and Panorama🎛App.

Jorge holds a DrSc. degree and a Master of Advanced Studies by ETH Zurich, a Master’s Degree in Advanced Architecture by IAAC-UPC Barcelona, and an Architect Diploma by UMSNH Mexico. Before his current commitments, Jorge was a guest researcher at Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, lecturer at TU Vienna’s ATTP group, and lead of summer workshops at UdK Berlin, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University.