Miro Roman


Miro Roman is an architect and a scholar. His main focus is the overlap of information technologies and architectural articulations. Miro explores, designs, codes, and writes about architecture and the world while playing with a lot; with ‘all’ the buildings, books, images; with clouds, avatars, streams, lists, indexes, and pixels. What is this abundance of information about, how to handle it, and how does it shape the way we think about the world? To navigate and surf these vast flows, he codes and articulates synthetic alphabets. For Miro objects are alive and well.

Miro is a senior lecturer and a postdoctoral researcher at studio2 at the University of Innsbruck, and at Meteora at the chair for Digital Architectonics at ETH Zurich. He was a guest lecturer at ATTP, TU Wien, and a researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory, the interdisciplinary research program of the Singapore ETH Centre, where he co-edited A Quantum City book. Miro conceptualized and developed the computational library Xenotheka and its search instrument Ask Alice. Alice_ch3n81 and Miro together wrote A Play Among Books. In his previous life, he was part of the romanvlahovic project.